reviving the Boom.

Dining room table at my friend's apartment in Jersey City.  

View from my cousin's balcony in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

Both done in June 2010 in my sketchbook with pen and watercolor.


Recent sketches

The first sketch is my aunt and uncle's backyard which was all fancied up for my cousin's wedding.  The second two are around Savannah, part of my current project for internship.

Owen-Thomas house

Saint John the Baptist cathedral


Creature Stampede

I posted this on my blog, but it's appropriate for here too, so here we go:


i made sketchbooks for people

The blue one is for Nicki and the red for Jagu, my cousin.  The blue one has drawing paper; the red has printmaking paper which makes a nice cheap watercolor paper (Utrecht brand printmaking paper, 25 sheets a pack).  Both have hair elastic closures.


Self Portraits

I'm sitting in Borders with a computer and a sketchbook and I want to draw a self portrait. I decided to use Photobooth on my computer because I didn't have a mirror.


old oil painting

found this in my aunt's basement.  i think i painted it in either 2005 or 2006 for paintingII


New mailer

I'm getting my first mailer ready to send out this week. I decided to print images on both sides of the postcards, which requires me to mail them in envelopes because the back is too dark. So to entice art directors to open up the envelopes, I've printed the outside with a little lino-cut design.


Skeches from the past few weeks

on location sketches for Drawing for Illustrators
watercolor and pen in Moleskine watercolor folio
8.5 x 12 inches


Response to Krishna's last post

That last post by Krishna really reminded me of this book I completed almost exactly a year ago. The book is called Coyote and the Monster and it's based on Native American legends.